Stalemate is a type of draw in Western chess, whereas in xiangqi you win the game if you stalemate your opponent.

Diagram on the right. The Red Cannon has arrived there from its initial station (after playing C2+6). Though his King is not in check, Black is stalemated as all his pieces have no legal moves. His King cannot move to the central file that is controlled by the Red King, and both of his Advisers are also immobilized as any such move would put his King in check by the Red Cannon.

You may have already noticed that the header image of this site depicts a stalemate position in which nine black pieces are paralysed by a single Cannon. Of course, this is a little fanciful composition. On the hidden half of the board, the Red King alone stands on the 6th file.

Below are four easy puzzles on the stalemate theme.

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