Cannon & Horse Duo

(3) More CH Checkmates

Now, let us look at other practical Cannon-Horse checkmate patterns.

C8=4 checkmate. The Horse can also be at B71 to cut off the escape

As in the previous diagram, the Cannon check is effective because Black’s pair of Advisers form a ‘paralysed carriage’. The Horse could also ambush from B53 or B82.

In the two diagrams above, the Cannon makes the check while the Horse is ready to intercept. Next we have examples in which the two attackers switch roles.

Here the Cannon together with the enemy central Adviser serves as the IF. The Horse could arrive at the shooting post from four other spots. A beginner may overlook this checkmate when the Horse is at B71.

An interesting checkmate pattern. The Horse move is more than just checking, it complements the intercepting forces just in time.

Here are two more examples in which a Cannon and a Horse join hands to deliver checkmate. However, I would classify them respectively under ‘Smothered Mate’ and ‘Royal Checkmate’.

On next page, you will find examples of useful checkmate combinations engaging the Cannon-Horse Duo.