Cannon & Horse Duo

Checkmate Combinations featuring the CH Duo

This is a FUT (frequently used tactic). The Horse could be deployed at B83 or B74 too. However, it is most aggressive at B81 as it also controls the B60 spot.

If on his first move, Black plays K6+1, Red can also continues with H3+2 and renders the Horseback Cannon checkmate along Black’s 2nd rank on his next move. Note that the Red King plays an important part in this combination.

The checkmate combinations are slightly more difficult. Red makes a check on every move.

What if on move #4/9, Black chooses to move his King up instead? You can click the Black King, move it up one step, and then click the right arrow successively for the answer.

Adapted from the ancient manual ‘Dream of Ingenieous Strategies’ (《梦入神机》)。Moves #5/9 and #7/9 are critical, setting up the intercepting forces before making the final check with the Horse.