Chariot & Horse Duo

A Horse planted at the initial position of the opposing 7th (or 3rd) Pawn, for example a red Horse at B73, is given the name “Upper Angler’s Horse” (高钓马). Together with a Chariot, it may pose immediate checkmate threat to the opposing King, if his majesty is on the side of the palace, on the same wing.

R1+7 checkmate

The black King is in the most vulnerable position in respect to red’s Upper Angler’s Horse. It is stranded at that dead corner. R1=4 will also checkmate in addition to R1+5.

Two examples of using the Upper Angler’ Horse in RH mating attack.

On the second Chariot check, the King may not return to his throne, else comes H5+4 the Corner Horse checkmate.

If black replies P3+1 at the start, red will win in same pattern with lesser moves. Note how the Chariot penetrates the Cannon’s defence.