Chariot & Horse Duo

The Catapult Horse

The Catapult Horse (拔簧马)checkmate mechanism is different than those described earlier. It employs a discovered check, moving the Chariot to intercept the opposing King. The Chariot is compared to the stone that is propelled from the elastic of a catapult.

The Catapult Horse can operate from the front, having the Horse at B54, the Chariot at B53, and the opposing King at B42 or B62.

This is in essence a Catapult Horse checkmate. However, it is customary grouped under Moat Horse checkmate.

Below are two end games in which red wins with the Catapult Horse checkmate.

A rare Catapult Horse checkmate. It looks like an inverted Angler’s Horse.

Red’s second move is a very useful dual-action tactic, described as “the general removing his war robe”.