Double Chariots

Here is a position which could have many results in the hands of the uninitiated. You will find useful tactics, both offensive and defensive, through the variations shown in the following diagrams. Black is threatening immediate checkmate in more ways than one. Red could only win by Serial Checkmate. However, we know that Red with both Chariots along the edge, is one move away from the Staggered Chariots checkmate on the wing. So, who will win in the end?

A thoughtless move in reply to the initial check.

On move #7/16, Red captures the Adviser with the wrong Chariot.

Note On move #12/16, Black King may escape scot-free if there isn’t an Adviser on the 4th file.

A xiangqi adage has it that “When left with a single Adviser, the attack from two Chariots is a nightmare.” Here, though, the unhesitating sacrifice of the Adviser saves the King.