2RC Checkmate Routine

The next three examples are very useful routines in breaking down the inner fortification formed by the Advisors.

Red must not capture the Pawn on the first move, the reason becomes clear when Black offers his Chariot on move #8/11

If Red copies the first three moves of the previous example, then after C6+7 Black has time to play R8+6 linking his Chariots. After that, Red can only play for a draw.

Red’s offer of the Chariot cannot be declined. If Black continues with R5+2 check, he would lose the exchange. Here we have a brilliant rendition of the “Piercing the Heart” tactic: lifting a checkmate threat and creating traffic jam within the enemy palace.

Red’s C5=6 after capturing the Adviser is the key to victory. R2=4 taking another Adviser immediately would be a fatal error, as the Cannon would hinder the operation of the Chariots.


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