Brief Summary after Round 5

After 5 rounds of Swiss, the two Chinese Grand Masters Hong Zhi and Xu YinChuan topped the ranking list to enter the second stage of competition under the Knock-out system. Another two entry tickets went to Chong Heung Ming (Philippines) and Vo Minh Ngat (Vietnam), both have scored 7 points. The rest of the players will continue with two more rounds of Swiss, among them nine shared the score of 6 points. Keen contest for the 5th to 8th placing could be expected in the Swiss section for the next two rounds.

In the Women's Individual, The Vietnamese amazon Ngo Lan Huong defeated China's Chen XingLin in the very first round and all her opponents from round 2 to round 5. She has a bye in round 6,therefore, she has already succeeded in retaining the Asian Women Champion title that she first won in 2011 in Macau.

Round 6 will commence today at 1300 local time. Four boards will be on webcast as in previous rounds. Link to the webcast studio:

Felix Tan at Sydney
25 September 2013

First Round Pairings

Indonesia decided not to compete in this championship at the last moment. Wilson Fang of Philippines withdrew owing to visa problem. First round of the championship will kick off on 23 September at 0900 hr Sydney local time, with 24 players in the Men's category and 7 players in the Women's category.

Webcast in real time (即时网上直播)

The organiser will broadcast four selected games each round. Click here to enter the webcast studio.(按此观看直播).

Men's Individual Round 1

No Name                      vs      Name                 

 1 余祖望 Yu Chu Woon           :     许正豪 Koh Zheng Hao 
 2 所司和晴 Shoshi Kazuharu     :     蒋庆民 Myint Sein    
 3 黎金福 Lay Kam Hock          :     吴贵临 Wu Kui Lin    
 4 胡敬斌 Hu Jing Bin           :     吴多华 Pong       
 5 张旺后 Soe Myint             :     曹岩磊 Cao Yan Lei   
 6 林耀森 Lum Yew Sum           :     陈有发 Tan Yu Huat   
 7 许银川 Xu YinChuan           :     黄学谦 Wong Hok Him  
 8 曾根敏彦 Sone Toshihiko      :     苏子雄 Hung Tu To    
 9 洪 智 Hong Zhi              :     陈图炯 Chan Tou Kueng
10 江中豪 Chiang Chung-Hao      :     詹国武 Chieng Kuok Wu
11 武明一 Vo Minh Nhat          :     赖理兄 Lai Ly Huynh  
12 庄宏明 Chong Heung Ming      :     陈思飞 Prasit        

Women's Individual Round 1
Standard Round-robin pairings for 7 players

No Name                  Total  Result   Name                 Total

 1 陈幸林 Chen XingLin   [0]       :     吴兰香 Ngo Lan Huong [0]  
 2 詹惠媄 Chieng Hie Mee [0]       :     林嘉佩 Lam Ka Pui    [0]  
 3 王娟英 Judith Wang    [0]       :     陈茗芳 Fiona M F Tan [0]  
 4 彭柔安 Peng Jou-An    [0]       :     BYE