Letter from the Consulate General of P R China


This is the congratulatory letter from Consul General Li Huaxin of the People’s Republic of China in Sydney. Below is a brief translation of its contents.

I am delighted to know that the Asian Xiangqi Federation will be staging the 16th Asian Xiangqi Individual Championship in September 2013 in Sydney Australia. On behalf of the Consulate General of China in Sydney, I wish to express my heartiest congratulations.

Since its inception, the Asian Xiangqi Federation has with sincerity united xiangqi communities among Asiatic countries/regions to initiate many spectacular xiangqi competitions and exchange programmes. It has contributed prominently in promoting and raising the standard of xiangqi and in so doing, further enhanced the understanding and friendship among the peoples of Asia. May the Federation continue to promote the art of xiangqi with good traditions and cohesive powers, and attain repeated success in sport and cultural exchange in Asia.

Best wishes for a successful 16th Asian Xiangqi Xiangqi Individual Championship.