Tournament Scale

  • The championship comprises a Men's Division and a Women's Division.
  • All the 17 member-associations of the AXF are invited to field two male players and one female players.

Tournament Format

  • The Men's Division will run on a single game 7-round Hybrid System. The top 4 players after 5 rounds of Swiss will then compete in 2 rounds of Knock-Out while the rest will continue with the Swiss to determine the placing from the 5th position onward.
  • For the Women's Division, the format and the number of rounds will depend on the number of contestants, either a Round-Robin or a Swiss.

Time Control

  • 60m+30s increment

Ranking Criteria

  • The top four positions shall be determined by the Knock-Out competitions in the last two rounds.
  • The ranking for the remaining players shall be determined by Swiss system with the following tie-breaking criteria:
    (a) Buchholz (b) Result of direct match (c) Number of games won (d) Number of games won playing Black (e) Number of games playing Black (f) Best Opponent Ranking (g) Technical Foul

Laws of Xiangqi

  • The AXF rules of competition (2008 edition) shall apply.

Prize Money

Prize money in HK Dollars (HKD)
Ranking Men's Div Women's Div
Champion 10,000 5,000
2nd 6,000 3,000
3rd 4,000 2,000
4th 3,000 1,000
5th 2,000 1,000
6th 1,000 1,000
7th 1,000
8th 1,000

Dress Code

  • Opening and closing ceremonies: formal (suits, collared shirts, ties, dressing shoes), or national costumes for men. Ladies must wear a suit or dress.
  • Tournment Hall
    1st day: Formal wear. 2nd day: Players shall dress in sportswear bearing their team LOGO . 3rd day: Formal wear.
  • Jeans-wear is strictly prohibited during the competitions. Offenders will be denied admission to the venue.
Notes: For other details you may refer to the official tournament rules & regulations which can be downloaded from the AXF web site using this link.