From the Webmaster

From the webmaster

The Asian Xiangqi Federation is staging its 16th Asian Xiangqi Individual Championship in Sydney in September 2013. This is the first time The National Australian Xiangqi Federation is commissioned to host the championship since it joined the fold of AXF. Earlier editions of the championships were all held in Asiatic countries during the past three decades.

It is my conviction that, firstly, our effort to promote xiangqi globally will not be fruitful if Chinese alone is the language for the game. Secondly, in the present era, publicity on the internet is an indispensable tool to organising international events.

All eyes of Xiangqi fans will soon focus on Sydney Australia, where English is the de facto national language. I feel committed to contributing something to the xiangqi community. While still groping for basic skills in web authoring, I manage to set up this web site using WordPress. I shall be grateful if my readers will send me comments and suggestions.




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Felix Tan, Singapore