A Brief History of the Championship

The Asian Xiangqi Individual Championship is a major international xiangqi competition organised biennially by the Asian Xiangqi Federation (AXF). It grew out of its predecessor "Asian City Xiangqi Masters Invitational Tournament" that made its debut in 1981 in Bangkok. It was at first a all-men event, with 16 players from the member-associations of the AXF. The 2nd series scheduled for 1983 Manila was skipped owing to a political turmoil in the hosting country. The scope of competition was enlarged to include a women's division in 1991, in the 5th series held in Sandakan, East Malaysia.

The series was given a new name "Asian Xiangqi Masters Invitational Tournament" in 1995 while the serial number continued. Amendments were made to the tournament regulations. The entry quota since then is tying to the results of the team championship, another biennial event of the AXF, in the preceding year. At that time, AXF's membership had increased from the founding seven to thirteen.

The series was renamed a second time in 2005 to its present name. A resolution was made in 2011 to the entry quota of men's division. All member-associations are now entitled to field two players on the condition that there will be no subsidy at all for the second player.

Nguyen HL NgoLH

Undeniably China is the superpower nation since the inception of the series. For nearly 3 decades they always bagged the champion trophies, only came off second once in the women's division in 1999. However, the 15th series held in Macau shocked the world when Nguyen Hoang Lam and Ngo Lan Huong of Vietnam (pictures above), seized the champion title from China respectively in the men's division and the women's division. In the forthcoming championship in Sydney, Xiangqi fans will be waiting to see if Vietnam could repeat their performance.

Below is a list of Champion title winners from 1995 to 2011:

SN Year Hosting Men Champion Women Champion
7th 1995 Malaysia Xu YinChuan (chn) Zhang GuoFeng (chn)
8th 1997 Brunei Yu YouHua (chn) Huang Wei (chn)
9th 1999 Philippines Jin Bo (chn) Liu Hong Shiou (tpe)
10th 2001 Vietnam Nie TieWen (chn) Zhao GuanFang (chn)
11th 2003 Singapore Huang HaiLin (chn) Wang LinNa (chn)
12th 2005 Philippines Sun YongZheng (chn) Jin HaiYing (chn)
13th 2007 Indonesia Pan ZhenBo (chn) Chen LiChun (chn)
14th 2009 Malaysia Lv Qin (chn) Liu Huan (chn)
15th 2011 Macau Nguyen Hoang Lam (vie) Ngo Lan Huong (vie)