Game Annotation using AXF Graphic set

  In1984, the Asian Xiangqi Federation (AXF) approved a set of Graphic Xiangqi as part of their effort to promote xiangqi to the world, in particular, the non-Mandarin speaking communities. However, the project was not sustained for some reasons. The AXF design of Graphic Xiangqi has gradually faded out of our memory since 1995.

  During its 40th anniversary celebrations held in Xingyang, China this year, the subject of Graphic Xiangqi was raised at a meeting of the council members present. A resolution was then reached to revive the Graphic Xiangqi project. The Singapore Xiangqi General Association is the first member association who has responded positively to this move. It has plan to organise a National Open Tournament using Graphic Xiangqi in 2019 in conjunction with the Racial Harmony Day (21 July).

  The dynamic xiangqi board created by (东萍网) is a very useful tool for presenting xiangqi games, be it game commentary, endgame study or tournament game webcast. The owner of is Mr Chen Guang (nick name Dong Xie) for whom I have highest respect. We have chatted online, but never met. When I asked his consent for replacing the pieces with the AXF graphic set, he gladly passed me some useful technical details that enable me to import the graphic pieces into the DP dynamic board.

  Here is my first webpage presenting a brief game annotation using the full size DP dynamic board. It is the game between WGM Tang Dan and the veteran GM Liu DaHua played in the recent “Baobao” Cup Xiangqi Masters Open Invitational Tournament.

A cascade of sacrifices to open an avenue of attack

This endgame puzzle, shared by a xiangqi fan recently, has invited enthusiastic discussion on Facebook. The author of this puzzle is Mr Shen Zhiyi(沈志奕)from Zhejiang PRC (Thanks to Mr Lawrence Tan for sharing his collection of the original publication of this puzzle). According to the author, this puzzle is a modification of the endgame from a match between GM Li Laiqun(李来群)and GM Yu Youhua(于幼华). There is no red Elephant in the original diagram. The theme of the puzzle is a succession of brave sacrifices that leads to the Angler’s Horse checkmate. However, the main line of play is not without flaw as some fans have pointed out during the discussion. I add the red Elephant so as to preserve the intended theme and rid off the draggy variations

Converting a GM’s Endgame into a Puzzle

Converting a GM’s Endgame into a Puzzle

The composition of this miniature puzzle is inspired by the endgame in the match between Grand Master Liu DaHua(柳大华)and Master Wang BingGuo(王秉国). Red to move and win. It’s not difficult, but be aware of traps.