Here is a humble collection of links to other xiangqi web sites. You may find news and articles about xiangqi in language other than, or in addition to Chinese.

World Xiangqi Federation (Chinese & English) :
Asian Xiangqi Federation (Chinese & English):
Vietnam Chess Federation (Vietnamese):
Russian Xiangqi Federation (Russian):
Xiangqi in English:
Xiangqi Elephant Game:
XQ Database:
European Xiangqi Federation (German & English)
Xiangqi France (French):
Friends of Xiangqi in Finland (Finnish & English):
Xiangqi En Blog (English & Chinese):
Reports on xiangqi activities in UK and Europe
Andreas Klein's Blog (German):
Tronoto Xiangqi Association:
New Jersey Xiangqi Association:
Carlos' Xiangqi Homepage (Spanish):
Australia National Xiangqi Federation (Chinese & English):

My good friend Jimmy Png's site Xiangqi in English has a most impressive list of links. You may wish to take a look using the following link: