SCR – Overview

The acronym here stands for Standard Checkmate Routine. It is a sequence of offensive moves forcing the opponent to defend passively and leading eventually to a checkmate. Usually, every move in the process is a check. Sometimes it may be interpolated with a non-checking move that creates a straight checkmate threat. Being familiar with these routines will improve a player’s ability to assess the position and make the best choice for his next move. The value of studying these standard routines cannot be over emphasized.

In the chapter on checkmates, I have included some easy two to three moves combinations that end with a particular category of checkmate. They are simple and obvious once you have understood the requirements of a checkmate. Some of them are very common in real games. They can also be regarded as standard checkmate routines. This chapter will be devoted mostly to SCRs that involve three or more attackers.

Let me give you two examples of what I call a SCR. In both diagrams, red wins in five to seven moves of successive checks. A seasoned player would instinctively see the checkmate opportunity in such positions. Can you mentally work out the moves? (Answers in subsequent pages on the topics)

diagram 1

diagram 2


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