2RC Checkmate Routine

The destructive power from the combination of 2 Chariots and 1 Cannon is best demonstrated in the following routines.

What if Black plays C9=4 on the first move? Simple, Red would capture the Cannon with K5=6 and win.
Lastly, Capturing the black Elephant with R7+5 would be a fatal blunder. You may wish to discover the consequence yourself.

Owing to the presence of the black Chariot at B11, the Chariot sacrifice in the previous routine will not work. Still, there is a brilliant sequence leading to the Iron Bolt checkmate.
On move #4/13, what if Black plays A5+6? Find the answer yourself.

Challenge yourself to a slightly more complex situation by placing a Black Elephant at B92. More preparatory moves have to be made before applying the “Dashing the Heart” sacrifice.

Black has just played H3-5 to protect his Cannon, not knowing that he has fallen prey to a smothered mate finesse.