Chariot & Horse Duo

The Angler’s Horse

A red Horse at B72 (or B32) is known as the Angler’s Horse (钓鱼马). In practice, it often works with a Chariot to deliver checkmate, playing the role of IF. There are two common formations as shown in the following diagrams.

AF: Chariot, checkmate from the flank.
I F: Horse, guarding B51.

The presence of the Angler’s Horse enables the Chariot to attack the B60 spot and checkmate. The Horse acts as attacking forces and intercepting forces.

AF: Chariot, checkmate from the front
I F: Horse, guarding B51

When the B62 corner is occupied by a black piece, an Adviser for example, checkmate is done with R1+2

Here the Chariot is attacking from behind the King. The Horse is playing a dual role.

Here are two end games in which red wins by employing the Angler’s Horse.

The first two checks with the Chariot are necessary interpolating moves. On the second check, the King may not go to the roof top in view of H5-7. A common mistake is to kick off hastily with the Horse check, which helps black to escape checkmate after K4+1.

Again, take note of the first two interpolating checks. If the King goes to the right on move 4/9, similar checkmate will result. You may click the black King, move it to B42 to see the continuation.